Orlando Vacation Home – Going Green!

The thought of Going Green can be intimidating to some folks. After all, it’s all about doing the right thing for the environment and ultimately saving mother earth. One might assume that it requires a heightened sense of responsibility and at a premium cost while delivering less.

Visions of trading in oversized vehicles for smaller cars running on solar batteries or getting rid of a perfect running refrigerator so that you can buy a new and shiny energy efficient perfect running refrigerator. Can the cost be justified?

It is probably safe to say that most people are not willing to sacrifice paying more or to proactively re-buy goods if they don’t need to. However, SunShiny Villa is doing it’s part to reduce energy usage and is taking the time to make people aware of the smart products and services that have been invested within our going green initiative. Guests can now feel good staying in a vacation home that is taking steps to be energy efficient without charging extra or sacrificing anything for visitors.

SunShiny Villa is a luxury Orlando vacation home that is going green. This is not a new concept for this villa. In fact, one of the first actions taken was a move towards going green. It wasn’t purposely done to save the world or to make us feel like martyrs but being in a situation that allowed for money to be spent up front so that it would be saved moving forward. It was about the color green of dollar bills in savings that just made sense.

The first energy saving move put into play is a programmable network thermostat. The primary goal is to save on HVAC maintenance and to control operational costs. Once installed, homeowners can log into a 3rd party website which brings up the interface seen above. An example of how our Orlando vacation home green program is setup is as follows:

  • Tier 1 – Vacation Home Status – Occupied versus Not Occupied
  • Tier 2 – Override Parameters – The number of degrees that can override the set points
  • Tier 3 – Set Back Schedule – Specify times in which the thermostat will change or hold temperature

This is just a synopsis of action that has been taken to make SunShiny Villa into a green and environmentally friendly Orlando vacation home. Please check back again for more in depth and complete analysis of the tools deployed. If you rally round this effort, please support the SunShinyFlorida.com website by book marking within your browser and sharing with anyone planning a trip to the Disney Orlando area. More progress can be made going green and will be subsidized by future rentals of vacation guests.

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