Orlando Weather is Hot Hot Hot!

There are more then a few reasons why Florida is a top vacation spot for domestic and international travelers alike. Although not the sunniest state, (Arizona wins that title) Florida’s overall subtropical weather is still a big draw.

Orlando’s annual average temperature is 72ºF while receiving an annual average 50 inches of rain. As a rule, summer is hot and winter is mild. This allows outside activities to be available year round and consequently is the home for many amusement parks and visitor entertainment.

However, as the “Fall Season” has settled in, the temperatures have been resilient and above average. October was giving highs in the 90’s with feel like temperatures well in the 100’s which was hotter then this past summer. The November lows on many nights were staying in the low 70ºF range. Residents have prolonged the pool season and guests have welcomed the above average temperatures. Not to mention that this is the least impacting hurricane season in 27 years. It appears that Orlando’s weather is picture perfect. What more could you ask for?

So what does all of this mean? Maybe this is related to El Nino. This weather phenomenon is expected to strengthen through winter and last into spring. If predictions hold true, Florida will be slightly colder and wetter then average. It should be noted though, there have seen no signs of that pattern in Florida up to this point.

Who knows what weather is really in store for 2010. This is just another reason to get out and enjoy every day to the fullest. Regardless of future forecasts, tourists with planned itineraries for the upcoming months should ensure that their accommodations are equipped with a backup plan. Choose an Orlando Vacation Home with full Games Room, Games Console and DVD Library of hit movies. Hopefully all of your vacation days will be sunshiny, warm and dry.

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