Scuba Diving in Orlando, Florida

Certified Scuba Divers wanting to experience a dive with perfect conditions and overabundance of sea life need not go to the Caribbean or South Pacific. Disney’s Epcot DiveQuest offers a unique experience in which guests swim with Sharks, Eagle Rays, Sea Turtles, Angel Fish and many other sea creatures within a faux Coral Reef aquarium. Although there are Dolphins in a neighboring tank you really don’t get to see them up close. All other sea life including sharks swim right there with you.

The dive is very safe as all of these underwater fish are fed very well. The only thing you really need to remember is that the Sharks run the show here. Divers on a collision course with these fierce looking fish need to be aware and get out of the way because they will not move for you. An adrenaline rush can easily be had during a close shark encounter because of their size, movement, and fierce looks which is mostly just a whole lot of sharp teeth.

DiveQuest guests should also realize that it’s not just the fish on display only for them. The under water creatures as well as divers are also being watched by visitors dining in “Coral Reef Restaurant“, non-divers watching from the observation deck and for the guests that are within the “The Seas with Nemo & Friends” exhibit. Diving guests proudly walk through public viewing area dressed in their wetsuit on the way to the tank as if they are a Disney Diver. Divers are encouraged to interact with guests and be part of the show and attraction. This is probably the only time when you really know what it feels like to be in a fish bowl.

The dive is an especially easy one. The depth is a max of 27 feet in 78 degree salt water. The diameter of the 5.7 million gallon saltwater aquarium is 200 feet which is also the visibility. Bottom time is roughly 45 minutes at which time I still came up with 1300 PSI. There are several safety divers that watch over diving guests. All equipment including shorty wet suit is provided but it is necessary to bring a bathing suit. This is a no think dive in which you don’t need to worry about weights, depth or safety stop. Just remember to equalize on decent, breathe and periodically check your air gauge.

This is a top notch Disney operation with well trained staff and very accommodating facilities. Each diver has their own private dressing room, hot shower and locker key for valuables. The cost is approximately $180 but some discounts are available. All proceeds are donated into Disney’s Worldwide Conservation Fund. This price doesn’t give you admission into Epcot, only the DiveQuest attraction. I tried booking the same day I wanted to dive through Disney and they made me aware that it wasn’t possible to reserve with such short notice. However, Scuba Quest was able to get me in that same day and with a discount. At the end of the dive, guests are released directly into the park and can take in some attractions if desired.

Guests interested in an approximate 15 minute drive to this attraction can stay in a luxury vacation home for the same price of a hotel room but have all the amenities wanted at their finger tips. Make this vacation different!

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