Orlando Vacation Home Value with Amenities

Identify the value of vacation home amenities. Tourists looking to book an Orlando vacation home are interested in getting the most for the least. More specifically, renters want the best Orlando vacation home with the most amenities for the least amount of money. It is human nature to want to get that great deal and associated bragging rights. However, with all of the hours of Internet research put into finding these “special offers”, many visitors fail to qualify the actual price, especially when compared to overall value. Often travelers go from website to website asking for quotes and will then book the lowest costing home based upon the emailed rate. I want to ensure that guests have all the information they need before reserving an Orlando vacation home.

When a quote is returned back, vacationers need to assure that they are comparing charges equally. If one owner quotes pool heat and tax and another quotes only pool heat, it will be worth noting if tax is included or will be added on top of it. This holds true for security deposits and departure cleanings as well. Tourists should then work out what the rental rate is daily to get proper perspective. For example if the first choice of an Orlando vacation home came back with an amount of $1650 and the second choice vacation home came back at $1496 for a one week stay, which Orlando vacation home would get the booking? Visitors will need to determine if it is worth $22 more per day to have all the amenities and location that they most desire. There might even be a chance to barter a lower fee at $10 less per day which may be regarded as acceptable by both owner and renter.

Travelers really need to educate themselves of what they are getting for the payment. I will take you through a spectrum of considerations starting from generic through to specific qualifications. Each of the examples below is a feature or convenience that adds benefit.

Key locations would be those within minutes of Theme Parks, Attractions, Dinner, Shopping and Airport such as Davenport, Kissimmee and Orlando. This may be a “must have” if guests plan on concentrating time at Disney World versus the convention center or overall tourist activities.

Resort Community
Vacationers need to research the resort communities that the Orlando vacation home can be found. Upscale communities such as Emerald Island Resort, WaterSong Resort or Windsor Palms Resort offer activities within a grand setting including amenity rich clubhouses. Amenities included may be cyber cafes, fitness rooms, sundry shops, arcades, concierge service and standard with resort pools and spas. Also, these communities have oversize vacation home lots overlooking conservation land, lakes and golf courses. These premium lots do not have rear facing neighbors and therefore provide more privacy and is a significant perk.

Orlando Vacation Home
Most Orlando vacation homes are “pool homes” meaning that each home has a private pool. Pools can range in size with a typical pool measuring 15 × 30. This of course means some pools are larger and some are smaller. At the same time there are various size pool decks which should be considered so that tourists can confirm they have sun loungers that can be moved into the sun for tanning around the pool unless the pool is south facing which will allow sun throughout the entire day. This can be a big bonus. The same principals apply for the spa as there are
different sizes and sometimes not one at all.

Although not calculated by most renters, the pool heater makes a difference. Visitors wanting to use the spa at night will potentially wait significantly longer for the spa to heat water to 100º if the heater were solar or electric rather then the more expensive but very quick gas heater.

Visitors renting a vacation home in Central Florida generally want to maximize time outside including dinner hour. Guests having dinner at an Orlando vacation home often want to BBQ. Take note if a BBQ is available as well as patio table and chairs if vacationers will want to dine outside. Some homes don’t have a BBQ and many will charge extra for one to be made available if allowed by the community.

Pool deck facilities such as a 1/2 bathroom and outside shower can add further advantages as well. Most tourists will use sun tan lotion and it is recommended to shower down before getting into the pool. The last thing visitors want is to swim in a slick of suntan oil floating on top of the pool water. Also, for quick bathroom breaks travelers don’t want to go into a cold Orlando vacation home with the A/C cranked up while dripping water everywhere.

What can be worse then being stuck in an Orlando vacation home because of rainy or cold weather? Rent a Orlando vacation home with a games room and your problem is solved. The typical Orlando vacation home games room consists of a pool table, electronic darts and foosball. There are other amenities that vacation homes may offer such as Pop-a-Shot Basketball, Air Hockey, Game Consoles, Cable TV, Ping Pong and more. Vacationers should pick wisely to guarantee the home chosen has games of their preference. Remember that not all games rooms are created equal. Some may have brand names representing tournament style specs where as others may be smaller versions that convert into several games. Quality game pieces always increase overall distinction. It is suggested to view an online picture and take note of the game pieces. Tourists should also be aware that many homes do not offer a games room.

One of the most important things to look for is probably the hardest to verify and most people won’t be able to do it. In fact, many home owners can’t do it either. The management company is the universe. Most home owners don’t live in Florida or even the country for that matter. They need to depend on someone that will look after the home as if it were their very own. The management company certifies the home to be cleaned and maintained to top standards as well being readily available to assist with guest’s needs. The best advice is to try and find an
online testimonial from the owner website that mentions the cleanliness of the Orlando vacation home or any service provided by the management company from previous vacationers.

How well prepared is the Orlando vacation home that is being rented? When tourists check in they should not have to worry about a thing. If owners don’t stay in their own home or solicit feedback from guests they will not learn of the necessities that they have not provided. If there is a need for an amenity, a visitor should ask about the availability of it. As long as the request is within reason, it should be of no surprise that the item is purchased before the traveler checks in. General electrics and kitchen items are all tough to check on because there will not be pictures and travelers will not be able to determine if the toaster has only 2 settings and was purchased for $9.98 at the pharmacy or if it is deluxe and purchased for $49.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond with 8 settings.

Tourists should expect all the main amenities such as linens, towels and dishes are included in your Orlando vacation home. Amenities and the varying degrees of caliber with each item are virtually endless. Obviously they cannot all be displayed in one writing but here a just a few quick examples that travelers may need.

Flashlight – If there is a thunderstorm and power is lost, is there a flashlight available?
Baby Furniture – Will small children be using the home and need bedding or high chairs?
Security Alarm – Are there concerns about security and personal safety?
Pool Alarm / Safety Fence – Are there concerns that children could venture to the pool area on their own?
Pool Toys – Are you expecting floats and toys for the pool to be provided or just interested in swimming?
Drinking Water – Do you want filtered water or are you willing to drink from the tap?
Pillows – Are there supporting pillows or will you need to fold them in half?
Phone – Is a phone available and if so can it make domestic or international long distance calls?
Internet – Is there a PC available or if you bring a laptop, is the vacation home Wi-Fi enabled?
Washing Machine – Are there facilities to wash and dry clothes? Will you need an iron and ironing board?

Hopefully this has provided some valuable information to get you started with your checklist. Obviously, the more amenities, degree of quality, size and excellence of the Orlando vacation home and location are very important. Lastly, don’t forget the management company behind the scenes. We all want to have a home that has well thought-out the needs of the provided package and decide on the level of importance to determine which is the best vacation home for the family and related cost.

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