Maintaining 5 Star Luxury Vacation Home

Maintaining 5 star luxury vacation home must be a priority. As the owners of SunShiny Villa in Orlando, we routinely visit the vacation home to ensure conditions are top notch. The goal is to fix or replace items needing attention as well as to add something new. It also gives the opportunity to watch WaterSong Resort community mature as it continues to a very popular vacation spot for tourists vacationing in the area of Disney World. A recent Orlando visit allowed the proper readiness for the upcoming busy summer season.

Although there was no active construction within WaterSong Resort, there were many new homes in the area around the clubhouse. Otherwise, WaterSong remains mostly the same as being very quiet. The clubhouse hours are now 10 – 5 and it is probably due to the lack of use. There never seems to be anyone using the facilities including the fitness center, internet cafe, concierge, pool and other.

Upon arrival we got the first glimpse of issues that we had already been made aware of from our wonderful management company as well as some of our guests. The results from cold days in February, greeted us sadly with a dozen Hibiscus plants that had once thrived on hot sunshiny conditions and now needed to be replaced. We have a few more colors this time including peach and white while also staying with Red, Yellow and Pink. Also, Mexican Heather was added along the top left side of the driveway.

Maintenance, Additional items and Features include:

  • Two new movies being “The Guardian” and “Fool’s Gold” to our DVD collection as well as two new Xbox games being “WWE SmackDown” and “Test Drive Unlimited” to our Gamer collection to expand and provide something that everyone will enjoy.
  • Jumbo pool noodles that are great for everyone in the pool. The condition of some of the pool toys resulted in disposing due to holes.
  • A family size umbrella for those quick summer showers that are very common in the hotter months of Central Florida.
  • The stainless steel step stool on wheels will make reaching the higher shelves of the kitchen cupboards easier then ever before.
  • Night lights were added to all the bathrooms to help navigate in the dark.
  • The microwave door had a large crack in it and was replaced.
  • The towel rack in the master bathroom had been broken and that was replaced.
  • Pop-A-Shot in the Games Room gets a lot of play resulting in general hardware replacement as well as 2 more BasketBalls added.
  • The BBQ left burner was having difficulty firing and we replaced the lighter.
  • Carpets have been cleaned.
  • A new ornament piece was added in the entertainment center as well as a few pieces on the window sills of the bathrooms.
  • One of the twin beds was repaired at the foot board.

Once again the SunShiny Villa WaterSong vacation home is in tip top shape as the summer season gets under way. As always, we love to get your feedback and if you think the home is missing something, bring it to our attention and just maybe, it will be there for the next time you visit.

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