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Florida Vacation Home Website Makeover

The Sunshiny Florida main site and blog have been revised with a fresh new look. We want to provide our site visitors and guests a pleasant experience in our vacation home and while they visit our online home, so we decided on a new Florida vacation home website makeover.

For now, visit the villa page to view our vacation home slide show as inserted below, and read more details about our Orlando area luxury vacation rental property.

SunShinyFlorida Vacation Home Slide Show

Avoid the crowds and hassles of a hotel or motel on your next Orlando vacation or holiday. For the cost and expense of a resort hotel for a family of 4 you can enjoy the privacy, games room, and at home convenience of our luxury vacation property.

We put a lot of thought into our property amenities and our Florida vacation home website makeover. Callif any questions. We look forward to having you as our next guest.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Orlando, Florida has long been a major tourist destination for good reason. It is a mecca for people wanting to immerse themselves within the many adventures offered throughout the major theme parks and local attractions. For many visitors, the rides never get old. Year after year they let their imagination run wild on rides as if it were the first time on them. Others however, mark it off their checklist while moving on to new and different things.

After more then 3 years, Universal Orlando Resort is releasing a new attraction being that of “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey“. This magical experience is an extension of the Harry Potter series that has gained a loyal world wide following. Put yourself in the midst of the ever familiar “Hogwarts castle”, “Dumbledore’s office”, “Gryffindor common room” and more.

This newly designed attraction in which filmmaking, live actors, and mechanical revolution combine to make an unforgettable experience raises the bar for expectations of all future attractions. This is sure to be an Orlando “Must See” for the next few years. Vacationers interested in visiting Universal Orlando should consider avoiding long lines at the gate and buying tickets in advance at a discount.

When travelling to the Orlando area for vacation, stay in a luxury Orlando Vacation Home at affordable hotel prices. Enjoy luxury amenities and conveniences in a worry free home.

Orlando Vacation Home – Going Green!

The thought of Going Green can be intimidating to some folks. After all, it’s all about doing the right thing for the environment and ultimately saving mother earth. One might assume that it requires a heightened sense of responsibility and at a premium cost while delivering less.

Visions of trading in oversized vehicles for smaller cars running on solar batteries or getting rid of a perfect running refrigerator so that you can buy a new and shiny energy efficient perfect running refrigerator. Can the cost be justified?

It is probably safe to say that most people are not willing to sacrifice paying more or to proactively re-buy goods if they don’t need to. However, SunShiny Villa is doing it’s part to reduce energy usage and is taking the time to make people aware of the smart products and services that have been invested within our going green initiative. Guests can now feel good staying in a vacation home that is taking steps to be energy efficient without charging extra or sacrificing anything for visitors.

SunShiny Villa is a luxury Orlando vacation home that is going green. This is not a new concept for this villa. In fact, one of the first actions taken was a move towards going green. It wasn’t purposely done to save the world or to make us feel like martyrs but being in a situation that allowed for money to be spent up front so that it would be saved moving forward. It was about the color green of dollar bills in savings that just made sense.

The first energy saving move put into play is a programmable network thermostat. The primary goal is to save on HVAC maintenance and to control operational costs. Once installed, homeowners can log into a 3rd party website which brings up the interface seen above. An example of how our Orlando vacation home green program is setup is as follows:

  • Tier 1 – Vacation Home Status – Occupied versus Not Occupied
  • Tier 2 – Override Parameters – The number of degrees that can override the set points
  • Tier 3 – Set Back Schedule – Specify times in which the thermostat will change or hold temperature

This is just a synopsis of action that has been taken to make SunShiny Villa into a green and environmentally friendly Orlando vacation home. Please check back again for more in depth and complete analysis of the tools deployed. If you rally round this effort, please support the website by book marking within your browser and sharing with anyone planning a trip to the Disney Orlando area. More progress can be made going green and will be subsidized by future rentals of vacation guests.

Orlando Weather is Hot Hot Hot!

There are more then a few reasons why Florida is a top vacation spot for domestic and international travelers alike. Although not the sunniest state, (Arizona wins that title) Florida’s overall subtropical weather is still a big draw.

Orlando’s annual average temperature is 72ºF while receiving an annual average 50 inches of rain. As a rule, summer is hot and winter is mild. This allows outside activities to be available year round and consequently is the home for many amusement parks and visitor entertainment.

However, as the “Fall Season” has settled in, the temperatures have been resilient and above average. October was giving highs in the 90’s with feel like temperatures well in the 100’s which was hotter then this past summer. The November lows on many nights were staying in the low 70ºF range. Residents have prolonged the pool season and guests have welcomed the above average temperatures. Not to mention that this is the least impacting hurricane season in 27 years. It appears that Orlando’s weather is picture perfect. What more could you ask for?

So what does all of this mean? Maybe this is related to El Nino. This weather phenomenon is expected to strengthen through winter and last into spring. If predictions hold true, Florida will be slightly colder and wetter then average. It should be noted though, there have seen no signs of that pattern in Florida up to this point.

Who knows what weather is really in store for 2010. This is just another reason to get out and enjoy every day to the fullest. Regardless of future forecasts, tourists with planned itineraries for the upcoming months should ensure that their accommodations are equipped with a backup plan. Choose an Orlando Vacation Home with full Games Room, Games Console and DVD Library of hit movies. Hopefully all of your vacation days will be sunshiny, warm and dry.

Super Bowl 2009 Accommodations

Football’s main event is just around the corner. Super Bowl XLIII is being played out Feb 01, 2009 in Tampa, Florida where the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers will compete for the coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy in the last game and championship of the season. With Raymond James Stadium equipped to hold 75,000 spectators, it is expected that the hotel rooms of Tampa will be sold out long before the coin toss ever takes the field.

Tickets for the largest annual US based sporting event will come at a premium as do many Super Bowl related activities. Fans who may have the opportunity to attend in person may encounter challenges such as being limited to the number of tickets acquired or the overall incremental cost of tickets limiting the number of tickets financially feasible due to budget constraints.

Visitors attending Super Bowl XLIII should consider staying in an Orlando Vacation Home. Central Florida places fans and guests in close proximity to theme park gates while being approximately one hour away from Tampa Bay’s hosted Super Bowl. The location will allow reasonable priced accommodation while providing several options for fun and food. Luxury vacation home amenities include Game Rooms, Private Pools and Big Screen TVs for anyone staying behind to watch the game on TV while enjoying the BBQ. Make the right call and choice of champions.

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