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Fun Spot USA

“Fun Spot USA” next to “Old Town” in Kissimmee, Florida have recently added a couple of new additions to the park.

The new “Power Trip Coaster” allows up to 4 people to ride together side by side in each stand-alone car.
This attraction is very different from the traditional roller coasters that we all know and love in the sense that the car spins in a circle while moving along a track that curves and dips throughout. The Power Trip coaster is 42 ft. high and boasts a top speed of 29 mph giving guests an extended 1 minute 30 second ride experience.

Also open at Fun Spot USA is an air conditioned arcade which includes the newest arcade games out today. Included is a prize redemption center as motivation to play hard and win each game. The number of tickets won at the end of your stay will allow you to choose from a series of prizes available at each reclamation level.

As visitors take notice of the new attractions, don’t forget why people come here in the first place…..the Thrills! Ride the World’s Tallest SkyCoaster standing to 300 ft. in the air. After being slowly pulled to the top, riders pull their own rip cord and experience a 120 ft. free fall straight down reaching speeds of up to 85 mph before swinging out like a pendulum over the water. Guests are able to share the thrilling fear of this ride with friends and family as up to 3 can ride together and capture their emotions up close on video available for purchase afterwards.

Along with all of the adrenaline pumping rides are 4 exciting Go Cart tracks with 20 other
rides and games
throughout the park for all ages. The park is open daily 10am – Midnight rain or shine and is conveniently located directly beside Old Town. If you have the time, check it out as you have nothing to lose. Parking and admission is all free and there is restaurants and shopping for those who are not so excited about rides. This attraction is only 20 minutes for guests staying at Have a great time!

Dining at Miller’s Ale House

Experience a dynamic atmosphere and all-encompassing menu at Miller’s Ale House on I-Drive in Orlando. As you walk in, it is evident that this isn’t your mother’s restaurant.

There is a grand array of HD TV’s displaying any and all current sporting events and these flat panel TV’s appear to be strategically placed everywhere! This makes it the perfect place for a get to together with friends to watch some sports or just to bring the whole family in for some casual but quality dining. Take note though, that on game day……get there early or be prepared to wait.

There are 2 large dining rooms based on your preference of eating inside vs. outside. The difference being outside has large windows open and subject to a cross winds or bright sun depending on the time of day and location of your table. Inside you will also find a couple of pool tables and arcade games to choose from which can keep little ones busy while the rest of the family enjoys the meal.

The menu choices seem endless. Whether in the mood for steak, chicken, pasta or fresh seafood the huge menu offers it all. Not to mention, two full service bars including wine, liquor and over 75 different variety’s of Beer. Needless to say there are some very aggressive drink specials daily. It should be noted that music plays all the time and as good as some of the tunes are, it can be a bit too loud. The last thing you want to do is yell so that your party can hear you whenever talking.

This restaurant is most convenient for anyone spending the day at Sea World, Universal Studios or the Orange County Convention Center. It is a 30 minute drive from SunShinyFlorida Villa but this is worth the commute. Take advantage of the area by doing shopping or one of the many attractions found directly on International Drive and make great memories.

Congo River Golf

So you are on vacation in Orlando and looking for something to do without breaking the bank. One such option is Congo River Golf. This African themed adventure offers two challenging courses of 18 hole miniature golf.

As visitors putt their way through each passage, they can play the “Exploration Game” at the same time. The game consists of finding specific items had by explorers Henry Stanley and David Livingstone as they trekked the Safari more than a century ago. Locate all items and win a prize.

As mini golfers are banking shots for par, other guests can be seen enjoying more ventures such as the Congo Queen Paddleboats as they make way downstream of the blue and turquoise waters. This isn’t all fun and games though, there is some serious peddle power to be had to keep these boats in motion.

For those who want to be entertained without working as hard and breaking a sweat, there is an arcade of video games, air hockey, racing and more. Play by yourself or against family and friends. The adrenaline flows as you fight for bragging rights that will not be easily forgotten…….ever.

Lastly, take this opportunity to see Florida’s ambassador up close. Feed the live alligators that are onsite. These guys are small and medium sized and well fed. Food is looped on the end of a pole allowing you stay far enough away to not become an accident. Just do the right thing and not tease these living fossils since it is a privilege to be able to see and interact with these “dinosaur like” reptiles outside of their native habitat.

Guests staying at Orlando’s SunShiny Villa are only minutes away from this fun night out. Visitors staying in other parts of Florida should review the website to see where the closest of 9 locations is to their community. The most important thing is just be there.

Casual Dining and Good Times in Orlando

Logan’s Roadhouse offers a casual, open atmosphere with unique memorabilia affixed to the wall. Music plays from the juke box as you are escorted over the broken peanut shelled laden floor to a table with its own pail of peanuts. Soon after you will meet your server and experience possibly some of the best table side service ever. The experience is conducive to food, fun and great conversation especially when shared with good friends as we do every time.

Start off with drinks from the happy hour specials, an appetizer of onion petals and warm buttery buns. There are so many choices of great entrées served in generous proportion sizes of what you would expect from a classic roadhouse. If there is still room for dessert, there are many inviting high calorie options that can be devoured. I am not sure if vegetarians would have the same appreciation of the menu choices. This is a typical roadhouse in which meat is a main ingredient of most items including salad but I am sure it could be requested without.

So if you are visiting the Orlando area, take this as a recommendation and stop in for dinner before making your way back to your Orlando vacation home and resort community. Logan’s Roadhouse is a restaurant that is going to provide a good time at a reasonable price.

Florida Vacation Home Website Makeover

The Sunshiny Florida main site and blog have been revised with a fresh new look. We want to provide our site visitors and guests a pleasant experience in our vacation home and while they visit our online home, so we decided on a new Florida vacation home website makeover.

For now, visit the villa page to view our vacation home slide show as inserted below, and read more details about our Orlando area luxury vacation rental property.

SunShinyFlorida Vacation Home Slide Show

Avoid the crowds and hassles of a hotel or motel on your next Orlando vacation or holiday. For the cost and expense of a resort hotel for a family of 4 you can enjoy the privacy, games room, and at home convenience of our luxury vacation property.

We put a lot of thought into our property amenities and our Florida vacation home website makeover. Callif any questions. We look forward to having you as our next guest.

Scuba Diving in Orlando, Florida

Certified Scuba Divers wanting to experience a dive with perfect conditions and overabundance of sea life need not go to the Caribbean or South Pacific. Disney’s Epcot DiveQuest offers a unique experience in which guests swim with Sharks, Eagle Rays, Sea Turtles, Angel Fish and many other sea creatures within a faux Coral Reef aquarium. Although there are Dolphins in a neighboring tank you really don’t get to see them up close. All other sea life including sharks swim right there with you.

The dive is very safe as all of these underwater fish are fed very well. The only thing you really need to remember is that the Sharks run the show here. Divers on a collision course with these fierce looking fish need to be aware and get out of the way because they will not move for you. An adrenaline rush can easily be had during a close shark encounter because of their size, movement, and fierce looks which is mostly just a whole lot of sharp teeth.

DiveQuest guests should also realize that it’s not just the fish on display only for them. The under water creatures as well as divers are also being watched by visitors dining in “Coral Reef Restaurant“, non-divers watching from the observation deck and for the guests that are within the “The Seas with Nemo & Friends” exhibit. Diving guests proudly walk through public viewing area dressed in their wetsuit on the way to the tank as if they are a Disney Diver. Divers are encouraged to interact with guests and be part of the show and attraction. This is probably the only time when you really know what it feels like to be in a fish bowl.

The dive is an especially easy one. The depth is a max of 27 feet in 78 degree salt water. The diameter of the 5.7 million gallon saltwater aquarium is 200 feet which is also the visibility. Bottom time is roughly 45 minutes at which time I still came up with 1300 PSI. There are several safety divers that watch over diving guests. All equipment including shorty wet suit is provided but it is necessary to bring a bathing suit. This is a no think dive in which you don’t need to worry about weights, depth or safety stop. Just remember to equalize on decent, breathe and periodically check your air gauge.

This is a top notch Disney operation with well trained staff and very accommodating facilities. Each diver has their own private dressing room, hot shower and locker key for valuables. The cost is approximately $180 but some discounts are available. All proceeds are donated into Disney’s Worldwide Conservation Fund. This price doesn’t give you admission into Epcot, only the DiveQuest attraction. I tried booking the same day I wanted to dive through Disney and they made me aware that it wasn’t possible to reserve with such short notice. However, Scuba Quest was able to get me in that same day and with a discount. At the end of the dive, guests are released directly into the park and can take in some attractions if desired.

Guests interested in an approximate 15 minute drive to this attraction can stay in a luxury vacation home for the same price of a hotel room but have all the amenities wanted at their finger tips. Make this vacation different!

Orlando Steakhouse Restaurant

If looking for a unique and delicious dining experience while in the Orlando area, Ruth’s Chris Steak House is an excellent choice. Located on West Sand Lake Road in Orlando makes this restaurant convenient for shopping and is easily accessible from I-4. This restaurant is Casual Elegant dining with the price range being $50+. It is recommended that reservations be made but walk-ins are more than welcome too.

Start the experience with a cocktail in the bar/lounge area while the staff prepares your table for dinner. Ruth’s Chris is primarily a steakhouse but also offers lamb and chicken along with a variety of fresh seafood such as lobster, shrimp and scallops. Side dishes include many potato choices, fresh vegetables and seasonal favorites. There are over 100 domestic and imported wines to choose from which will complement any food choice made for dinner. Be sure to save room for one of the many “to die for” delicious homemade desserts which will put an end to this superb fine dining experience.

The ambience of Ruth’s Chris Steak House restaurant comforts diners whether it’s a romantic dinner for 2, a family celebration or a business affair. If hosting a private event, there are 2 separate dining rooms to match the occasion too. The service is every bit as good as the food especially with giving a full visual presentation of entreés and desserts at the beginning and by having plenty of extra help getting the meals out and drinks topped off. A special touch is when the manager stops by visitors table near the end of their meal to ensure they met expectations.

When it calls for great food and good service by friendly staff, let Ruth’s Chris leave a lasting impression that have guests wanting to return to this establishment for future visits.

Vacation Home Games Room – Billiards

Many Orlando visitors staying in a vacation home want to maximize their family fun. When the parks close at night or when the weather is rainy, other alternatives for fun may need to be sought out. This is when the game room comes into play. However, it should be known that not all game rooms are created equal.

The focal point of a games room is most often the pool/billiards table but just saying there is one isn’t good enough. With the potential of several hours of play it is important to have a quality table. The difference can usually be seen by looking at the materials used in construction of the table such as leather pockets vs plastic pockets or pressed wood vs oak etc.

Some characteristics of a quality billiards table are as follow:

  • Integrated cushion rubber – this allows for consistency of bounces and rebounds from hits against the rails.
  • 1″ Slate – does not warp and provides for a level and quiet playing field.
  • Interlocking support beams – Since metal brackets are not used they will not loosen over time.
  • Hardwood Leveling brackets – ensures that slate is secure and leveled.

Many features are not within sight and if you don’t notice anything you are probably on a good table. However, if you are playing and know the ball is not able to follow through on a straight logical line or when leaning on the table to take a shot and hear a noise or notice a shift in the pool/billiards table then it may be more of an economical table.

Vacationers wanting a professional billiards table are ensured that SunShiny Villa has a quality handcrafted “Legacy Billiards Table” as well as many other upgraded amenities.

Orlando’s Haunted Theme Park

Visitors to Orlando, Florida looking for heart pounding and adrenaline flowing excitement need look no further. Universal Studios which is best known for its movie themed thrill rides and cartoon attractions, features a scary Halloween Horror Nights attraction yearly in the month of October. The rides are mostly closed as it showcases the following:

  • Scare Zones
  • Haunted Houses
  • Live Shows
  • 1000’s of Scareactors in uniquely created costumes

The gates open just after 6:00 p.m. as the sun starts to set and opens way to darkness. Machines cast out a fog that hovers throughout the park and provides an eerie atmosphere that leave guests vulnerable to unexpected scares or disturbing sights. As patrons make their way from one attraction to the next it will be necessary to walk through a scare zone. Screams heard from nearby victims indicate that a startling confrontation with mutants and monsters may be imminent. Visitors who lose focus of their surroundings are in danger of being rushed upon or snuck up on with maybe a deep breath into their ear. Don’t look back, just run! Although the Universal crew can jump out at any given moment and get right into your face, it seems that the one clear rule is to not physically touch anyone.

The haunted houses are each unique with new themes each year. The mood is usually set with darkness and dim lighting at best. As guests walk through narrow maze-like hallways, entrances from room to room give way to frightening images and alarming live encounters. Walls can open up as maniacs reach for you in hopes of adding another trophy to one of the disturbing houses that guests are viewing. Strobe lighting and ominous sounds of knives being sharpened sets the stage for what lies ahead.

Lastly there are live shows for those who don’t want to scream and jump out of there shoes. The Rocky Horror Picture Show was very well done whereas the magic show was disappointing. While there are disclaimers about the event being a bit much for children, there were some in attendance and they seemed to be fine. Parents will need to evaluate if appropriate for their own kids. Please note that guests are not permitted to wear costumes.

Save money on your attraction tickets and skip all the lines with the express pass. While others wait 45 minutes you will be in within 5. If travelling to the Disney area for vacation, stay in a luxury Orlando Vacation Home at affordable hotel prices.

Orlando’s Unique Attraction

Visitors to the Orlando Disney area wanting a unique experience need to check out Old Town. Located just minutes away on US 192 in Kissimmee are the attractions of Old Town. The bright neon lights at night will guide you into the free parking and admission of the grounds. There are over 75 specialty shops along the brick lined streets featuring resort wear, sports apparel, jewelry, souvenirs and old fashioned collectibles. There are also a variety of dining options along the Old Town streets including 8 restaurants and bars.

There are amusement rides for the whole family to enjoy as well as 18 thrill rides one of which is “The Human Slingshot“. It will catapult you 365 feet in the air with radical force and 100% adrenaline. Also the “Windstorm Roller Coaster” will have you twisting and turning through 80 degree banks. Have you ever raced upon a “multi-level go-cart track“? That is here too! If you want to slow things up a little, take a ride on the “Century Ferris Wheel” which will give a great view of Orlando from 60 feet in the air. Also there is “Fun Town” which is just for the kids and guaranteed to bring smiles. There are many rides for everyone but nothing beats having the whole family ride one of the many uniquely painted horses of the “Merry-Go-Round“. All of the rides are open 12pm-11pm daily.

Old Town has many special nights designated just for Car and Bike enthusiasts. On Thursday of every week is Bike Nite which averages 700 bikes each and every week. The Friday Nite Cruise car show stars at 5pm with the car parade following at 9pm. Here you will see the cars cruise down the brick streets of Old Town one by one while the live band plays on the main stage for your entertainment. These amazing cars and motorcycles will be worth the trip alone for those with a true appreciation for America’s hotrods.

With so much to see and do be sure to include Old Town into your vacation for an evening of family fun. Also, just minutes away you can stay in an all inclusive vacation home with 5 star luxury amenities at affordable prices. Make your vacation the best it can be.

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