Local Map of our WaterSong Vacation Home Rental Area in Florida

Map for Watersong Resort Vacation Home Area

View our vacation rental home custom Central Florida map to calculate proximity to popular Orlando area attractions for tourists. The yellow star shows the location of our WaterSong Resort vacation home.

The darker green circle displays a 10 mile (16.1 km) radius from the vacation rental home, and the larger circle in light green shows a 20 mile (32.2 km) radius.

central florida area map

As shown, Walt Disney Magic Kingdom is within 10 miles of the luxury vacation resort home, and the Orlando airport is approximately 20 miles. Here are additional travel times to popular Central Florida theme parks and attractions including the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.

Disney World – 15 minutes
Sea World – 30 minutes
Universal – 30 minutes
Shops, Restaurants, Other Attractions – 10 minutes
Kennedy Space Center – 60 minutes
Beach – 60 minutes
Busch Gardens – 60 minutes

You may want to follow this link to the Google map of Central Florida including a marker of the location of our WaterSong Resort vacation rental home for more details or driving directions to other Orlando area tourist attractions, also.

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