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Fun Spot USA

“Fun Spot USA” next to “Old Town” in Kissimmee, Florida have recently added a couple of new additions to the park.

The new “Power Trip Coaster” allows up to 4 people to ride together side by side in each stand-alone car.
This attraction is very different from the traditional roller coasters that we all know and love in the sense that the car spins in a circle while moving along a track that curves and dips throughout. The Power Trip coaster is 42 ft. high and boasts a top speed of 29 mph giving guests an extended 1 minute 30 second ride experience.

Also open at Fun Spot USA is an air conditioned arcade which includes the newest arcade games out today. Included is a prize redemption center as motivation to play hard and win each game. The number of tickets won at the end of your stay will allow you to choose from a series of prizes available at each reclamation level.

As visitors take notice of the new attractions, don’t forget why people come here in the first place…..the Thrills! Ride the World’s Tallest SkyCoaster standing to 300 ft. in the air. After being slowly pulled to the top, riders pull their own rip cord and experience a 120 ft. free fall straight down reaching speeds of up to 85 mph before swinging out like a pendulum over the water. Guests are able to share the thrilling fear of this ride with friends and family as up to 3 can ride together and capture their emotions up close on video available for purchase afterwards.

Along with all of the adrenaline pumping rides are 4 exciting Go Cart tracks with 20 other
rides and games
throughout the park for all ages. The park is open daily 10am – Midnight rain or shine and is conveniently located directly beside Old Town. If you have the time, check it out as you have nothing to lose. Parking and admission is all free and there is restaurants and shopping for those who are not so excited about rides. This attraction is only 20 minutes for guests staying at Have a great time!

Orlando’s Unique Attraction

Visitors to the Orlando Disney area wanting a unique experience need to check out Old Town. Located just minutes away on US 192 in Kissimmee are the attractions of Old Town. The bright neon lights at night will guide you into the free parking and admission of the grounds. There are over 75 specialty shops along the brick lined streets featuring resort wear, sports apparel, jewelry, souvenirs and old fashioned collectibles. There are also a variety of dining options along the Old Town streets including 8 restaurants and bars.

There are amusement rides for the whole family to enjoy as well as 18 thrill rides one of which is “The Human Slingshot“. It will catapult you 365 feet in the air with radical force and 100% adrenaline. Also the “Windstorm Roller Coaster” will have you twisting and turning through 80 degree banks. Have you ever raced upon a “multi-level go-cart track“? That is here too! If you want to slow things up a little, take a ride on the “Century Ferris Wheel” which will give a great view of Orlando from 60 feet in the air. Also there is “Fun Town” which is just for the kids and guaranteed to bring smiles. There are many rides for everyone but nothing beats having the whole family ride one of the many uniquely painted horses of the “Merry-Go-Round“. All of the rides are open 12pm-11pm daily.

Old Town has many special nights designated just for Car and Bike enthusiasts. On Thursday of every week is Bike Nite which averages 700 bikes each and every week. The Friday Nite Cruise car show stars at 5pm with the car parade following at 9pm. Here you will see the cars cruise down the brick streets of Old Town one by one while the live band plays on the main stage for your entertainment. These amazing cars and motorcycles will be worth the trip alone for those with a true appreciation for America’s hotrods.

With so much to see and do be sure to include Old Town into your vacation for an evening of family fun. Also, just minutes away you can stay in an all inclusive vacation home with 5 star luxury amenities at affordable prices. Make your vacation the best it can be.

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